Saturday, October 31, 2015

Drone overflights - Burnaby Metrotown

Ronald J. Jack

DJI Phantom 2 over Burnaby Metrotown - Feb. 2015

This could be fun.  I am looking for interesting U.A.V. (Drone) video taken over Burnaby Metrotown.  A good start is this mix of daytime - dusk - early evening coverage I found on YouTube.  It was posted on the FLYIN PHANTOM YouTube account in January of 2015.

DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro 4
The excited film maker also posted a photo of his new gear.
He used a DJI Phantom 2 U.A.V., that he purchased for less
than $800, and mated it with a GoPro 4 camera.  A good combo!

As I find other Burnaby Metrotown U.A.V. video I will add SCREENSHOTS and LINKS here.  I am particularly keen to see U.A.V. video of major construction sites and the Skytrain stations in the Metrotown corridor.  I will share any video of quality that I find.

Drone video capture - Kingsway at Metrotown, Burnaby
Screen capture - U.A.V. is looking straight down Kingsway.
The Sovereign, which hosts "The Element" Hotel,  currently
dominates Metrotown. It is Burnaby's tallest structure. 

U.A.V.  Recently Made Local News
A few may remember when a U.A.V. operated above Richmond, made the local NEWS.  In April of 2014 the local affiliate of  CTV NEWS did a story on a drone video that had been web-published on YOUTUBE.  The U.A.V. operator  skillfully captured a steady continuous shot of a passenger aircraft landing at Vancouver's airport (YVR), and the report mixed official outrage with dire predictions of a U.A.V. bringing down an big aircraft.  If they haven't done so yet, YVR will eventually install disrupters around their property that will disable any hobbyists who get too close with U.A.V.s.

Dangerous Drone Flight - Vancouver Airport - YVR

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