Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coming Attractions - Burnaby Metrotown

METROPOLIS SHOPPING CENTRE - Burnaby Metrotown - Oct 2015
METROPOLIS Shopping Centre  -  Burnaby Metrotown
Assessed Value -  $1,078 Billion.  Nothing in Vancouver comes close.
And the Parking is still FREE !  Over 8000 parking stalls.
SILVER CITY is promoting SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond Film.

This is just a temporary barker page, to register the title and set up a Blogger address.  I will be tinkering with the template and setting up my format quite soon.  METROTOWN is Burnaby's central shopping district and its trendiest place to live. Currently the urban area is BOOMING, and I enjoy watching it grow. In this Newsy Blog I will share what I am seeing and what I am hearing. Stay tuned. 

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